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Co-Parenting Matters (CPM) is very much the brain child and product of founder Trish Barry-Relph. It embodies her core philosophy, values and belief in the importance of co-parenting as the bedrock of a nurturing childhood and that this is arguably more important if/when parents have to part.

CPM offers a standalone bespoke therapeutic service to parents and children affected by strained child: parent relationships, where there are no justified reasons for “resist/refuse” dynamics which prevent a child from enjoying a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Unlike many practitioner firms, Trish is the lead for every aspect of the work of CPM. Trish adopts an interdisciplinary collaborative approach when working alongside other professionals from different disciplines. Where appropriate, she works in partnership with a collegiate, select group of talented, very experienced interdisciplinary professionals who also favour her shared, gender-neutral, culturally sensitive, child-focused ethos when and where necessary.

Trish and her network span a wide range of skills and experience covering the separated family consultancy field. Disciplines include: consultant on Family Law Courts, family law and procedure, researchers, professional ethics and jurisprudence medicine; consultant child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology; specialist systemic family therapy; psychodynamic psychotherapy; counselling; play therapy; PACE therapeutic parenting therapists, Guardian-Ad-Litum; independent social work ISW parenting assessments, section 7 assessments and welfare reports; expert witness work; contact supervisors; family law consultancy; parenting co-ordinators; family mediators; McKenzie Friend’s and mentoring and coaching specialists.

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Trish Barry-Relph

Founder Co-Parenting Matters, Child and Family Consultant


Professional Doctorate / MA Advanced Clinical Social Work (with merit), University of East London/Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust (2003 – 2011) / CQSW, Dip SW, Teeside University (1989 – 1991) / ASW (1983 Mental Health Act) Bournemouth University (1992 – 1993) / Practice Teacher’s Award, University of Portsmouth (1995- 1996) / AASW, University of London (2005) / Social Work England registered SW40704, CORU registered SW000395 / Nagalro registered 1594 / Consultant Independent Social Worker / ISW / Expert Witness / Specialist Systemic Family Therapist / Psychodynamic Psychotherapist / Play Therapist

CAMHS Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Clinical Manager, Tier 2, 3 and 4 (2005 – 2016) / Learning and Development Lead Hampshire CAMHS NHS (2005 – 2010) / Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust Clinic, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist the Parent’s Service and the Adolescent Department (2005 – 2011)/Associate Group Analytic Society (2003 – 2007)

Family Mediator / GP Practice Counsellor BACP (2000 – 2014) / Clinical Training Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist UKCP (1993 – 2003) / Bert Hellinger Family Constellations training (2006) / Group Relations Conferences (2003 – 2005) / Supervision and Mentoring University of West of England (2008), Balint Society Group training (2012 – 2014) / Visiting Lecturer, Bournemouth University BA Child Protection (1994 – 1999), Winchester University, GP Mental Health Refresher CPD (2000 – 2005) / Kingston University MA in Child Development and Observation Studies (2004 – 2010) / London Consortium of Universities MA Approved Mental Health Professionals 1983 Mental Health Act 2010 – 2020.

ABE Child Protection Social Worker (Emergency Out of Hours Services) (2000 – 2008) / Psychiatric Social Worker (Approved 1983 Mental Health Act), Community Mental Health Teams (1991 – 2004) / Elected UK Social Work Lead for Children and Families (Royal College of Psychiatrists) of The International Society for the Social and Psychological Treatment of the Psychoses (2000 – 2004).

“Trish is a senior professional of exceptional talent and long experience and has worked as a social worker/psychotherapist in the Adolescent Department of the Tavistock Clinic which is part of our extensive CAMHS for North London and Home Counties commissioners. She is a sensitive and thoughtful clinician who can sustain long term contacts with sometimes demanding patients to good clinical effect.

Trish has a wide range of experience in managing organisations, developing systems and
services (including budgets), and assessing complex service environments. She combines these capacities with a strong continuing commitment to her own clinical and therapeutic development, and her practice as a social worker and therapist.

She is especially good at producing assessments of service needs basedon negotiation and discussion with staff, while also attending to policy imperatives and resource constraints.

Study of contemporary ‘policy processes’ has been part of the curriculum she has followed on
the Masters/Professional Doctorate in Clinical Social Work, and she displayed creativity, flair and
realism in her thinking. She also has a commitment to multi-disciplinary working and a good
understanding of the potential for tension as well as creativity in multi-professional organisations”

Andrew Cooper, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Professor of Clinical Social Work.


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