The power of co-parenting

The benefits of co-parenting are firmly established within clinical practice albeit not always fully appreciated within social working circles, too often ideologically opposed to the notion or unprepared to tackle difficult interpersonal challenges.

Co-parenting, as we define it, helps parents to place their child at the heart of the process of the dissolution of the family system post separation, not as shields or targets, but as the primary focus for wellbeing and shared responsibility and care.

The provision of emotionally facilitative conditions necessary to reduce parental conflict can support in children being adversely affected after separation.

Promoting the creation a co-parenting alliance minimises the negative effects of family conflict on children in the short, medium and long term.

The provision of child focused separated family therapy ensures that children’s feelings following their parents separation are emotionally understood.

By facilitating a co-parenting alliance, we promote an environment within which each parent can enjoy meaningful relationships with their child. We also create the conditions in which any damaged child – parent relationships can be restored.

This principle may seem simple, but it is at the very core of our ethos, something we explore in greater detail throughout the practice-based posts we share on this site.

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